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October 7

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IPS Workshop

For newborn & family photographers that want to learn how to successfully run a sustainable and profitable business while providing the best service and experience to their client from start to finish.

Are you tired of trying to figure out what pricing system or what marketing process will work best for your business in the long-term? Are you having trouble conveying your value and client experience to your potential clients, resulting in a low conversion rate? Do you want to transition to IPS, but you’re afraid of not bringing in enough clients or income? If any of the above questions apply to you, then this may be the course for you and your business. Your clients deserve a better customer experience and you deserve to charge what you’re worth.

The strategies I teach are the exact same approaches that I implement in my own portrait photography business & have transformed businesses across North America. Within the first year of my transition to IPS, I was able to bring my business from a 5 figure business to a 6 figure business. I have worked through a variety of methods for implementing IPS & have recognized that the transition is a learning process, requiring dedication, strategic fearlessness & confidence in your business and value. There is no guarantee that you will get it right the first day you transition or that you will see your business growth overnight; however I can promise you that with resilience & perseverance you will see the benefits of implementing this model within your business in a variety of ways. If you are ready to take the leap, no matter where you are within your IPS journey, I believe that I can help you bring your business to a new level, making it more sustainable & more profitable.

Together, let’s break down your CODB specifically by session genre, refine your marketing strategies, pricing structure, conversion rates on inquiries, implement a better consultation workflow & build confidence in how you’re educating your clients during their ordering appointment to encourage consistent sales. Learning how these elements tie in together & contribute to your overall value will instill the confidence you need to transition to IPS. Whether your business currently operates with an all-inclusive model or lower sales model, the strategies I teach will assist in your journey towards higher sales.

How It Works

Although IPS can be overwhelming, I engage participants with hands on individual and group activities throughout our day. As a group we will break down calculations for CODB (Cost Of Doing Business) specifically for your specific genres and costs to operate, so that we can understand exactly what you need to be making per session to reach your goals. All IPS worksheets/guides will be provided for you to work on throughout the workshop. You will have lifetime access to our IPS VIP Education Group on Facebook where you can seek out the support of myself and your peers as you work through your transition. Your workshop handouts will also be added to the group so that you’re able to access it if a new sheet is ever required. In addition to the worksheets; helpful tips, reminders of workshop content, new units and testimonials from peers will be accessible through this group. All participants will also receive my one of a kind pricing calculator and PSD marketing guides to start you on your way in delivering a great customer experience.

What's Included

  • Full-Day Workshop
  • Swag Bag (T-Shirt, Pen, Note Pad, IPS Worksheets/Guides)
  • Marketing Guides
  • Custom Pricing Calculator
  • Breakfast Refreshments & Lunch
  • Lifetime Access to VIP Education Group For On-Going Support


  • IPS Affirmations & Why You’re Worth It
  • Calculating CODB 
  • Profit margins
  • Marketing
  • Pricing Structure
  • Phone Script vs Emails
  • Consultation Workflow
  • Reveal Workflow
  • Psychology of Sales
  • Sales Strategies
  • Product Samples
  • Providing A Luxury Experience 
  • Client Retention & Loyalty 
  • Overcoming The Transition 
  • Answer Clients Difficult Questions

Enroll October 7

We’re excited to help you reach your business goals. Please come back to register on October 7th, in the meantime follow our IPs Workshop Facebook group.