Terms & Conditions

Cancellation: There will be no re-shoot dates available for this session if client chooses to cancel and session is booked once fees are rendered.
Late Arrivals: This session is time sensitive. If client is late within the the time frame delegated for their session, no additional time will be added; however the photographer will shoot what they can within the remaining time frame. No refunds will be provided. If the client is late past their time frame, the client understands that their booking fee is non-refundable in it’s entirety and there will be no refunds or reshoots issued.


Photographer will make a good faith effort to achieve Client’s desired results. However, photography is a subjective art form, and Client acknowledges that Photographer cannot and will not guarantee any particular results, including Client’s desired results.


The required session fee of $295+hst upon booking is applied towards reserving the desired date/time for the session. This fee is inclusive of 6 digital files. Client’s will be provided with a limited edition pricing guide the date of their session to order additionally if they’d like to. Client understands that digital files are only archived for a maximum of 6 months and the photographer is not responsible to archive the images after this time.


Upon both Parties signing this Agreement, and upon Client furnishing Photographer with the agreed-to session fee, Photographer will reserve the session time and will not make another reservation for the specified time frame.  For this reason, all session fees are non-refundable. All fees rendered towards additional product are also non-refundable once payment is received.


In the event of Photographer’s unforeseeable illness, conflict or inability to perform, Client agrees that Photographer may reschedule at a future date. In the event that Photographer cannot perform and the Session does not take place the date originally scheduled, Photographer is not required to provide a refund.


Client understands that unedited work or raw files are not for sale at anytime. Client understands that their images and products must be picked up only from 12 Rutherford Ave, Toronto, On or 3581A Dundas Street West, Toronto, On when ready for pick up. Autumn Bri Photography does not mail fine art products , pick up must be arranged. Turn around for all editing and product purchases is approximately 4-6 weeks, but no refund will be provided if more time is required to complete the editing necessary for the collection; however all attempts at communicating this will be made by the photographer.


It is understood and agreed that no other photographer will be allowed to photograph or take pictures during the Session while Photographer is working, unless otherwise agreed by both Parties prior to the start of the shoot. This restriction applies to Client and any associates of Client and includes cell-phone cameras, computer cameras, and their equivalents. In Canada, copyrights are protected  by the copyright bill C-11. In Spring of, 2012, the Canadian Act grants ownership of the copyright to professional freelance photographers for work created in the course of their employment.


If Photographer cannot perform this Agreement in whole or in part due to circumstances outside of the Parties’ control, such as sudden injury, illness, lost equipment, or other unforseeable circumstances, then Photographer will return all deposit and fees to the Client(s) but shall have no further liability with respect to this Agreement.  Photographer will also return all deposits and fees, but will not be liable for any other injuries, if photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged, rendering the photographic material unusable, without fault on the part of Photographer.


Client understands and agrees that Client is hiring Photographer to perform Photographer’s services in Photographer’s own discretion and style.  Client has no authority to control the manner in which Photographer takes or edits photos. Client(s) understand that it is at the sole descretion of the photographer to choose the preview images up to 2 images within 48 hours of the shoot and that the photographer has the right to use these images on marketing and branding platforms such as her website or social media pages (See number 13 of this document). Client understands that all packages include basic touch-ups and artistic enhancements with anything beyond this being applicable to an additional cost (Examples of editing that is not covered include manipulation of image or subjects in post processing to change colours or alter body appearance or change lighting after the image is taken). Client understands that it is their responsibility prior to booking their shoot to do their research and book with a photographer that represents a style they’re looking for and best suits their photographic needs. Client has no right to rescind this Agreement in any way if Client is not satisfied with Photographer’s photography.


Photographer cannot be held responsible if person(s) do not cooperate and desired images are not obtained. These limited edition sessions are only available to members of the same family per session & the youngest child must be sitting up on their own. In the instance of a person/child that is unwilling to be photographed, the photographer may make the call to end the session without refund. Photographer is not responsible for the expressions of children or adults and reshoots/re-edits will not be given for unfavourable expressions. Refunds will not be issued in the event that a person/child is uncooperative, abusive or unsafe with equipment.


The Client is obtaining images for personal use only. Please do not sell or use images for contests without express written permission from the photographer.  It is a violation of federal copyright law to allow photographs created by Autumn Bri Photography to be digitally reproduced, copied or scanned without written permission. No edits or changes to the photos may be made including social media filters. Do not crop nor remove watermark from web sized images when proofs are provided. Unedited images are never permitted to be shared, duplicated or posted on any social media platform. Failure to abide by this request may result in further legal action.


Photographer retains the right to use photographs of persons in this agreement for advertising, printed marketing, or her portfolio on autumnbriphotography.com, autumnbriphotography instagram or facebook pages, or in printed materials. The photographer shall own the copyright in all images created and shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions pursuant to the Canadian Copyright Act, November 7, 2012. Photographer does not give permission to any 3rd party vendors without written consent from client(s). Any other uses, Photographer will request permission of client(s) prior to usage.


Photographer will archive digital files of all photos taken for Client for up to 6 months.  Photographer does not guarantee back-up photographs, prints or data after this time. These images are used for archival purposes; however there is no guarantee that these images are available after 6 months.