It wasn’t until I established myself as one of Toronto’s leading newborn photographers that I recognized how important my job truly was. Sometimes clients haven’t always been aware of the importance of family photographs, but education has been key to my success as a photographer. It’s evident that newborn and family portraits are important to those that invest in it, but what about us photographers who create the work intended to be shared and archived for generations to come.

In this article I have listed my top 5 reasons as to why photography is important to me for my clients as a newborn, child and family photographer.

  1. Preserves Family History

    These images will be around from generation to generation & they will be the one thing that keeps memories and experiences alive long after the photo session. One day our future generations will look back on their great-great-great-great grandparents!

  2. Quality Over Quantity

    Delivering quality work to my clients (especially products) that will preserve my client’s images is my main goal. I love when clients are able to appreciate printed work over digitals.

  3. Great Family Experience

    Photo sessions are a great way to bond with family, enjoy new moments & boost everyone’s confidence!

  4. Documents Milestones

    Annual photo sessions ensures that my client’s family’s milestones and their children’s growth is being documented!

  5. Shopping!

    My sessions are a great reason to take a trip to the mall and buy a brand new outfit, coordinated and freshly pressed out for the entire family. Who doesn’t like shopping!

How often should you do family photos? Since I started newborn photography, I’ve encouraged my clients to capture their baby’s first year at least for their newborn, 6 month and 1 year milestones. After that time frame I highly encourage getting family photos done at least annually. Children grow so fast, their expressions and personalities change rapidly and it’s important to document these changes as they grow. These are experiences and photos that will mean so much 50 years from now & you’ll be happy that you invested in as they grow up.